Welcome to Zwift Jerseys

Latest ZWIFT JERSEY EVENTS 2019 where you ride to unlock 😉 #rideon

This is a Zwift fansite created by SpideRaY to help my fellow zwifter’s gain all the virtual jerseys available within the game, we aim to provide you with ALL the original unlock codes and in the future the upcoming dates and times of events you’ll need to ride to unlock the latest challenge, tour and club jerseys. There are many clubs and teams on Zwift that use jerseys that require an unlock code like Zwift Team Italy who use the inGAMBA jersey.

Don’t despair there are over 235 in total at last count, with at least 53 available with unlock codes and 36 more available through earn’t XP level unlocks, so far there are 131 available by joining club rides, completing Tours, Challenges and Special Events. Sadly some of these are unlocked after one off ride 😦 like the Cycling Hub ride from December 2018 @ https://zwift.com/events/view/119761 (they might have plans to return) and the recent Andre Greipel & Marcel Sieberg ALS ride Feb 2019 https://zwift.com/events/view/26527

Latest ZWIFT JERSEY CLUBS where you ride to unlock… #jerseyunlock

Latest ZWIFT JERSEYS where you connect to unlock… #rideon

This list is a work in progress ALWAYS be sure to check your Zwift Companion iOS app and their official Instagram iOS app for upcoming events and challenge makeup weekends. If you’ve only just joined Zwift and missed a previous challenge then sadly at the time of posting you will be unable to unlock that particular virtual jersey 😦 Maybe when Zwift rollout their Drops in game currency this will all change?

View all current Zwift Jersey’s (it’s a work in progress) on our unofficial Instagram iOS app

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